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Plums in June


I like the way that our fruits and vegetables have their own places on the calendar.   It is late June and the Santa Rosa plums are ready to be picked. They are still a little sour but they will ripen quickly and begin falling off the tree. Or the birds will begin to peck away at them. I’m glad to be here when they are ripe.   Now I need to find time to make plum jam.

Fruit Roll Ups From a Juicer

The last of the plums (Santa Rosa and Beauty) were sitting on the counter, begging to be used. The nectarines were also ready to be picked. I needed to do something with them. Nancy had already made peach jam and I had frozen two bags of raw plum pulp. Glenda was visiting and she’s always liked fruit roll ups. I actually tried getting her to pit the fruit but no.

I decided I would try using my Omega juicer to create the puree. I pitted the fruit and then just tossed the plums and nectarines in the hopper. I got a nicely textured puree, and the juicer removed some of the skins. My only problem was by mistake throwing in a nectarine half that still had the pit. The juice crushed the pit and then shut down, fully jammed. I had to fuss to get it working again, and had to clean it all out. However, the experiment was a good success, better than a blender or Cuisinart. I did one mixture of plums and nectarines, and one of nectarines only.

I poured the puree on four trays (oiled) and set them in the dehydrator overnight. In the morning, I had the fruit leather, which I cut up in sections and rolled in plastic wrap.

Because I had some extra puree, and plenty more nectarines, I froze the puree as baby food for HDK, when he starts eating solids in a month or two.

  • Nectarines
  • The juicer working with pitted plums and nectarines
  • Nectarine puree ready to be dried
  • Plum puree ready to be dried.
  • The dried fruit leather on its tray.
  • The fruit leather removed from the tray.
  • I cut them in slices and rolled them in plastic.