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Burbank’s Walnut Tree and Mine

It’s been over four months since I’ve posted here.  The way I say it reminds me of confession.   I walked around Pillow Road over Memorial Day, noting how things were shaping up as we move from spring to summer.    One thing that stood out was our walnut tree.

When we moved to Pillow Road, I took note of the walnut tree near the front of the property.   The tree seemed quite old and not that healthy.   I’ve thought that the tree itself is related to other walnut trees growing in Luther Burbank’s Goldridge Farm, which is about a half-mile away from us.   Burbank developed a hybrid walnut tree in the 1890′s that was fast-growing.  He named this hybrid Paradox.  I have no way of knowing if it is that kind of tree but I bet the tree is 50-100 years old.  He crossed the English Walnut and the California Black Walnut.  I wish there were a definitive way to identify the tree species.  Let me know if you know of a way to do it.

I noticed that this spring the walnut tree looked very healthy with its fullest growth.   My son, Ben, who is an arborist,worked last year on the tree, and I have to think the tree responded to his pruning by coming back this year.   Walnut tree

Even better, I saw upon looking more closely that it bears a huge crop of walnuts.  I don’t think we’ve ever harvested walnuts from this tree.

Walnuts - 1

We will have to plan time to harvest and dry walnuts this fall.

Another plant we have from Burbank is the Shasta Daisy.   We got a few plants from the Burbank farm many years ago and they are flourishing.   The flowers come  each spring and seem to last most of the summer, a standout in the garden and easily cut for a vase in the kitchen.

daisies - 1


Iris Eyes

The warm weather has brought on the beautiful iris.


Daffodils at Attention

Upon returning home from two weeks of travel, I was happy to be greeted by daffodils at the entry.



The clematis is a climbing plant. The clematis, whose name means “climbing plant” in Greek, a member of the buttercup family and its origins are in China. I have it climbing up a post towards a small trellis.

It’s doing much better this summer than last. I bought it from a nursery and this is its third year. I like the purple flowers, especially as the sun calls them out.

A Rose

This is why we grow roses.
The color. The complex folds.
They hold the light of the setting sun and glow.


Fits Like a Foxglove

The foxglove Is a tall, beautiful spike of a plant known whose scientific name is digitalis, referencing the way its flowers fits human fingers, like a glove.


The Irises Have It

The irises are big and beautiful this time of year. Madox thinks he is, too.



A Winter’s Rose

Before leaving home for work, I came upon this beautiful rose touched by the morning dew. I take it as a good sign for the new year.


Columbine on hike through Castle Creek

Daisies Tossed About

Download now or watch on posterous (13045 KB)

Shasta daisies on a summer afternoon.

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