Lemon Cucumber Pickles


I made these pickles in August and just tried them and they are delicious. I particularly like the onions.

I had a request for the recipe, which came from “The Joy of Pickling” by Linda Ziedrich and published by Harvard Common Press. The recipe was called “Honeyed Sunshine Pickles.” I left out a few things from the recipe (chili peppers, ginger, golden raisins) so here’s what I did:

7 lbs of cucumbers
1 lb of onions
1/2 cup of pickling salt
3 1/2 cups of cider vinegar
1 cup of honey
1 cup of water
2 Tbsp yellow mustard seeds
1 Tsp ground turmeric
1 Tsp celery seeds.

Chill the cut-up cucumbers. Put all the liquids, salt and spices in a pot and boil to dissolve the honey. Add the vegetables and return to a boil. Then fill pint Mason jars with the dukes, onions and liquid. Process in a water bath for ten minutes.

Next time I make them I will have to add more onions.

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