Trippel Homebrew

On Sunday, I was brewing a five-gallon batch of Belgian Trippel. It’s the second batch. The first batch was made about two weeks ago and is in the refrigerator for several weeks. The Trippel is made from Pilsener malt and uses Tettanger and Saaz hops. I brewed this batch solo, without Ryan, who is much more capable brewer.

Below is the step where the wort chiller is put in the pot, after the wort has boiled for an hour. The idea is to cool down the wort so that you can transfer it to a carboy and add the yeast. The recipe said that the primary fermentation should start at 64 degrees, which is colder than what I can get using tap water to lower the temperature. So after I siphoned the wort into the carboy and pitched the yeast, I put the batch in the refrigerator to cool overnight.

Wort Chiller

Ben was around at the beginning helping me grind the grain, which is a two-person job. He built a very simple hopper for the mill, and it worked great. It saves on clean-up.

So this batch should be fermenting for a week before it goes back into the refrigerator for a month-long secondary fermentation. We hope both batches will be ready for the wedding.

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